Thursday, May 04, 2006

The Immigration Crisis & The China Grab

Source: America First!
"Unfortunately, since the Summer of 2000... our Economy has faltered & the rest of the World caught a COLD. Businesses, large and small, tried to outrun the Recession and a good many didn't make it. Others looked for another release and they found it in China & India. The foothold they created there outlasted their expectations. Now, their long-term Wealthbuilding efforts are following their short-term pursuits in the Far East. Why would I invest millions & billions in the United States or any other low performing G8 Nation at 3.5% on Return, when I can invest the same amount in the Far East and make 9-11% on my investments? ... Common Sense Wealthbuilding.

President Clinton was a Lame Duck president since 1999, and we have had a Lame Duck president ever since--- Just like President Truman's sign on his desk read,"


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