Saturday, March 11, 2006

Be Patriotic-- Invest in America!

Buy Patriot Class Bonds!

Source:>Military History

Because of the low prices at the bottom of its price range, the series E Bond was considered the ‘little man’s bond,’ and without the ‘little man,’ America could not have paid for the war; 8 out of 13 Americans purchased bonds totaling over 185.7 billion dollars. The Series E bond was withdrawn on June 30, 1980. The Series EE Bond replaced it and the ‘War Bond’ became history.

History it may now be, but imagine it is 1942, and you are sitting in a darkened movie theater, perhaps a theater that was open 24 hours a day because the defense plants around it were working 24 hours a day and people getting off work needed to unwind. The film is just ending; two lines suddenly fill the screen:

Buy War Bonds and Stamps at This Theater


My Fellow Americas, we have done it before... and we can do it again.

... We have the ability to displace Foreign Investment with Patriot Class Bonds and avoid Tax Increases.

Today, the United States faces very real challenges both now & on the horizon, and each time we face insurmountable challenges-- will tend to Rise to the Occasion.

Today, there are $10s of trillions of Wealth in the United States-- all we need to do is tap into that Wealth & Grow it to benefit the Commonwealth of the United States.

Here are the Levers that can be used to fine tune these Patriot Class Bonds:

o Tax Deductible
o Tax Exempt on Interest Income
o Flex Return Rates-- Double Bank CD Rates

If you can read between the lines, you will see major benefits that could funnel Trillions of Dollars to be used to Overcome the many Challenges We Face, today & tomorrow.

In fact I would expect that the Federal Budget would be Balanced & Running a Surplus in (6) years of issuing Patriot Class Bonds. Secondly, Income Taxes will be Reduced.

Here are a handful of Patriot Class Bonds I have come up with so far:

o War on Terror Bonds
o Katrina Bonds
o US Debt Bonds
o Social Security Bonds
o Healthcare Reform Bonds
o Engery Innovation Bonds
o Career Advancement Bonds
o Small Business Seed Bonds
o US Trade Bonds

Later, I will outline my opinions on the structure & expectations on each of the Patriot Class Bonds.


No need to Raise Taxes -- Instead, Open the Flood Gates of American Investment to Tackle our Challenges-- not the General Tax Base.


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